Identify Risky Medical Coding and Potential Revenue Growth at a Glance

Trusted since 2009, Reveal/md Audit has analyzed over 14 Million hospital claims for potential over-coding and under-coding, saving countless payer audits and supporting Millions of dollars in additional revenue.


Identify & Rectify All Missed & Missing CMS HCCs.

Say goodbye to random manual spot checks and complicated provider spreadsheets.

REVEAL/md HCC RAF goes beyond your EHR providing complete reports
of CMS HCC Gaps in just seconds, with only FOUR CLICKS.

Why choose Reveal/md Audit

Benefits for Finance, IT, Revenue Cycle


  • Nothing to install or maintain by IT department
  • Implementation in under two hours with your own data
  • Easy to Use with virtually Zero learning curve


  • Know exactly how an auditor would view your data
  • No more manipulation of spreadsheets internally
  • Compliance planning based on actual group risk


  • Monitors provider’s billing in-between documentation reviews
  • Immense time savings using analytics to enhance decision making
  • Incorporates another level of detail in compliance activities

What Reveal/md Audit Tool Users Say About It

Our team was quite impressed with the product and the slick tools that they designed. They didn’t believe me and had to see for themselves. After they saw the proof of concept, they were believers.”

“The beauty of REVEAL/md is its simplicity and the speed in which you can see a provider’s pattern.”

“When we initially began reviewing the REVEAL application, it was strictly from a compliance standpoint. We quickly learned that the tool can be used equally from a compliance and a financial perspective. I have been in compliance a long time and I truly believe REVEAL is a “game changing” tool that can help our hospital system mitigate its compliance risk and at the same time help identify financial opportunities. In today’s health care environment, having the ability to do both through data analytics is critical to the success of an organization.”

“Twice this week, I’ve had the opportunity to show off REVEAL/md. The executives involved in contract renewal negotiations have been very impressed with what I can produce for them very quickly. Always nice when you get the opportunity to wow someone in the C-suite!”

Choose your own way to take advantage
of our tools and expertise, after 27 years
in medical billing and coding analytics.