Improve RAF Scores and Identify Missing HCC Coding & Documentation

Trusted since 2009, the Reveal/md Tool now targets HCC gaps and RAF Scores with new Automation and Artificial Intelligence to provide instant analyses and graphics that need no further discussion.


Identify & Rectify All Missed & Missing CMS HCCs.

Say goodbye to random manual spot checks and complicated provider spreadsheets.

REVEAL/md HCC RAF goes beyond your EHR providing complete reports
of CMS HCC Gaps in just seconds, with only FOUR CLICKS.

Why choose Reveal/md HCC RAF

Benefits for Finance, IT, Revenue Cycle


  • Nothing to install or maintain by IT department
  • Implementation in under two hours with your own data
  • Easy to Use with virtually Zero learning curve


  • Uncover Missed HCCs & Reduced RAF Scores
  • Focus on Providers needing Better Documentation
  • Reclaim both Time and Revenue otherwise Lost


  • Flag Patients with HCCs for Improved Encounters & Care
  • Prepare providers to code and document appropriate HCCs
  • Accurately capture Risk Adjustment Weights & Factors

What Reveal/md HCC RAF Tool Users Say About It

“I’m in charge of finding all the HCC Gaps for my hospital. With this tool, I can pull 10 encounters in 20 minutes – compared to 60 to 90 minutes trying to get what is needed from the EMR.”
“This tool has become the basis for a complete 3-prong program to find and fill in all the HCC Gaps. It supports a proactive team that can go out and do targeted education to prevent missing HCCs. It also lets us watch what’s happening concurrently. And since we can’t cover everything at once, it lets us keep going back and looking for what’s still outstanding. It’s a dream!”

“In the past three months we’ve seen an additional $147K+ in otherwise missing HCC capture. With the Reveal/md HCC RAF tool, we are easily able to scale up our HCC coding and capture for all our value-based contracts. The value of the tool is unreal. I don’t see how we could manage these risk-based contracts without it now.”

Choose your own way to take advantage
of our tools and expertise in closing CMS HCC Gaps,
after 27 years in medical billing and coding analytics.