Uncover Opportunity

In todays’ world of hierarchical condition category (HCC) coding and risk adjustment factor (RAF) scores, your organization is likely leaving revenue on the table. With REVEAL/md RAF HCC, you can review and analyze 100% of providers’ coding activity in just seconds — uncovering opportunities to improve diagnostic coding and RAF scores for maximum reimbursement.

See It in Action

Watch the video below to see how REVEAL/md HCC RAF help you do more in less time.

Cash Flow

Capture full patient risk data and optimize HCC coding.


Pinpoint providers with greatest opportunity to improve diagnostic coding.


Flag unseen patients, find HCC gaps and improve patient outcomes.

“The beauty of REVEAL/md is its simplicity and the speed in which you can see a provider’s pattern.”

– Director of Compliance
Hospital System

“I find it easy to navigate and the layout allows for easy interpretation of the data. I’m sure I’ve only looked at the tip of the ice berg.”

— Chief Compliance Officer

Simple to Use


REVEAL/md RAF HCC is a cloud-based subscription service that is simple to set up. The secure, HIPAA compliant tool requires no complicated installation or extra software or hardware upgrades. You can begin using the tool right away.


Upload 100% of patient billing information into our secure platform. The intuitive tool is ready to use within hours of submitting data. Complete a full review and analysis of providers’ coding activity in just seconds.

Gain Insight

An easy-to-navigate dashboard highlights providers and patients who are statistical outliers compared to internal and national data. Filter results by HCC codes, groups, specialties, providers and/or patients. Create detailed reports and charts for discussions with providers.

It Just Makes Business Sense

Person Using REVEAL/md RAF HCC

REVEAL/md RAF HCC is an affordable option compared to the annual expense of a statistician, auditors or consultants.

The cloud-based subscription service is a cost-effective solution that reduces thousands of data points to a few clicks — so you can do (a lot) more with less.

REVEAL/md RAF HCC informs data-driven strategy so you can focus your team’s attention and create a targeted plan for revenue improvement. Using the tool’s powerful analytic capabilities, you can gain the insights needed to change provider behaviors, ensure more accurate HCC coding and RAF scores, and realize full reimbursement potential.

Your EHR Doesn’t Do This

Say goodbye to random manual spot checks and complicated provider spreadsheets. REVEAL/md RAF HCC goes beyond your EHR to provide a complete snapshot of provider coding behavior, HCC Gaps and revenue potential in just seconds. It’s faster, easier, smarter.

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