Reduce Risk

Incorrect coding by providers can lead to compliance violations and lost revenue. Use REVEAL/md Audit to analyze billing data in seconds and pinpoint the providers who are putting your hospital or network at risk right now — so you can act before an audit.


Review and analyze thousands of procedure codes and modifiers in seconds.

Less Risk,
More Revenue

Use data to reinforce provider behavioral change for compliance, documentation and coding improvement.


Target risk mitigation and provider education where it matters most.

“Advanced data analysis is allowing federal investigators to identify questionable billing much faster… In terms of getting leads, data is fantastic and unique … HHS and DOJ have gotten better at how we use data. We can take data and make it incredibly granular. It is at the fingertips of federal prosecutors in the 93 U.S. attorneys’ offices throughout the country. Providers should be using the same techniques to improve their auditing and monitoring.”

– Andrew Weissman,  Chief of the Fraud Section
Department of Justice (DOJ)
Criminal Division, Medicare Compliance

“It’s not just about identifying providers for audits … REVEAL/md is yet another tool in our arsenal. We have used it for contract negotiations, issues investigations and process evaluation, along with audit planning”

– Ethics and Compliance Program Manager
Hospital System

“Bottom Line: REVEAL/md helps us identify and ask the right questions and audit true risk and opportunity more effectively and efficiently.”

— Chief Compliance Officer

Simple to Use


REVEAL/md Audit is a cloud-based subscription service that is simple to set up. The secure, HIPAA compliant tool requires no complicated installation or extra software or hardware upgrades. You can begin using the tool right away.


The intuitive tool seamlessly uploads all of your billing records into our secure platform in just minutes. Complete a full review and analysis with just one click.

Gain Insight

An easy-to-navigate dashboard displays results clearly on your screen. Simple visuals highlight providers with highest compliance risk and revenue potential. Gain insights into provider coding behaviors, create comprehensive reports, and track improvements.

It Just Makes Business Sense

Person Using REVEAL/md RAF HCC

With REVEAL/md Audit, your team can focus on providers with high-risk or revenue potential. Make targeted adjustments that will have the most impact on your bottom line.

Using the tool successfully to identify red flags and improve internal processes can increase reimbursement revenue and dramatically reduce your risk for audit and costly penalties — or worse.

Your EHR Doesn’t Do This

Say goodbye to random manual spot checks and complicated provider spreadsheets. REVEAL/md Audit goes beyond your EHR to provide a complete snapshot of provider compliance risk and lost revenue in just seconds. It’s faster, easier, smarter.

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