For over 28 years, Fi-Med Management has been changing the way healthcare organizations manage compliance and profitability. We are a physician advocate organization that helps providers maximize revenue and minimize their overall compliance risk by leveraging our 360-degree understanding of compliance, RCM, and chronic care management. Staffed by some of healthcare’s most seasoned professionals, we partner with clients to deliver leading-edge technology and services including:


Fi-Med Management’s flagship SaaS, this cloud-based subscription analytics service identifies statistical physician outliers that are fueling lost revenue or are at risk of being audited, using the same benchmarking standards as CMS. It gives internal teams the clarity they need to plug their gaps, prevent costly fines, and identify millions in lost revenue each year.

Revenue Cycle Management

Fi-Med provides complete RCM support — billing, coding, claim appeals, lockbox services, and more — that helps clients maximize their revenue with minimal resources and administrative burden, ensuring a healthy bottom line.

The well Living

This suite of services and SaaS technologies elevates annual wellness, chronic care, remote patient monitoring, and transitional care management services, to not only help clients meet Medicare’s quality care requirements, but also improve delivery of care.