Predictive Insights. Instantly.

Predictive analytic tools to reduce risk, improve clinical documentation and increase cash flow.

Fee for Service

Zero in on providers who are putting you at risk of audit and who have revenue potential.

Value Based Care

Uncover opportunities to improve revenue through more accurate diagnostic coding and RAF scores.

“When we initially began reviewing the REVEAL application, it was strictly from a compliance standpoint. We quickly learned that the tool can be used equally from a compliance and a financial perspective. I have been in compliance a long time and I truly believe REVEAL is a “game changing” tool that can help our hospital system mitigate its compliance risk and at the same time help identify financial opportunities. In today’s health care environment, having the ability to do both through data analytics is critical to the success of an organization.”

– CPA, CHC, Mac Chief Compliance Officer
UAB Medicine/UAB Health System

“Using REVEAL/md (in conjunction with our medical record reviews), we have been able to change behavior, improve documentation, and coding. Also, the beauty of REVEAL/md is you can see if your education/intervention with a provider made a difference. The “bell curves” tell the story!”

– Chief Compliance Officer

“Twice this week, I’ve had the opportunity to show off REVEAL/md. The executives involved in contract renewal negotiations have been very impressed with what I can produce for them very quickly. Always nice when you get the opportunity to wow someone in the C-suite!”


Turn Red Flags into Revenue

Inaccurate and incomplete coding hits your bottom line in big ways. With the REVEAL/md suite of tools, ACOs, hospital networks and medical clinics can review and analyze provider coding behavior in seconds — and reveal actionable insights needed to reduce risk, uncover revenue opportunities and boost financial performance.